ECODESIGN: New Approaches, New Products

2 February, 2010 -

ecodiseoAt Ebir Iluminación we’re committed to sustainable production and the rational consumption of resources. Respect for the environment is therefore ongoing in our product development and we believe ecodesign is as important as the most traditional industrial values.

The implementation of the standard UNE 150301 “Environmental management of the design and development process. Ecodesign” starts by carrying out an impact analysis of all current lighting fixtures and classifying the values by using an established scale.


We reinforce this classification graphically by creating an icon that helps clients to compare values throughout our range of products.

After gathering these data, we work on incorporating a system within the design process that allows us to control and improve those aspects of the lighting fixtures that have been detected as causing an impact.

New criteria are added to the selection of materials, finishes and processes that must be balanced out with the rest of the values that differentiate EBIR products

The new designs are created following the demands of an ecological approach where creativity not only aims to achieve less harmful products but also products that benefit the individual, society and the environment