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SALMA: the union of design and functionality in a black frame adaptable to a variety of styles

The classical and timeless pieces that incorporate details with great aesthetic attractiveness that never go… [ Read more ]

Modula, the vertical warehouse with which we have optimised and automated our logistics

At EBIR, we make progress every day towards automated processes and systems that allow us… [ Read more ]

Training Program, a tool designed to train specialised professionals further at points of sale

Knowing that there is no better sales tool than knowledge and specialisation, EBIR provides its… [ Read more ]

Glow Plus Strip – functionality and quality for every project

At EBIR we grow, through constant and firm work in innovation, to bring the latest… [ Read more ]

We are once again participating in Scale UP 2023

This year we are once again participating in Scale Up 2023, with the aim of… [ Read more ]

Qlick Install: install your mirror easily, quickly and safely

Innovation and research. Both are a constant in all areas of EBIR. An example of… [ Read more ]