Glow Plus Strip – functionality and quality for every project

14 December, 2023 -

At EBIR we grow, through constant and firm work in innovation, to bring the latest trends in lighting to any space. The result of this work is the Glow Plus strip, the new component that represents renewed conventional LED strips and is here to transform mirror lighting.

Because when you think of conventional LED strips, you may think of a series of light points that can lead to uneven lighting. Glow Plus is different: this LED strip does not mark the spots, but creates a uniform light effect on any type of mirror, without shadows or over-lit areas.

Its flexibility is simultaneously one of its strengths. This feature allows creating multiple shapes. The Glow plus strip replaces the classic frame, creating a slim effect that reduces the distance between the mirror and the wall. In addition, the strip can be brought to the edge of the mirror. All this opens up an infinite range of possibilities adaptable to any type of mirror or project. Glow Plus is designed to adapt to any style and requirement.

Glow Plus does not only shine for its versatility, but also for the quality of the light it provides. It guarantees exceptional light uniformity, high colour rendering and excellent lighting efficiency.

But the versatility of Glow Plus does not end there. Infra-red or tactile sensors can be incorporated into the mirror to perfectly adjust to the needs of each project.

It transforms the lighting of your mirrors with the innovation, versatility and quality of the Glow Plus strip.