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Dafne. A plus of visual impact and luminosity of the space

31 May, 2023

Creating personalised, exclusive, intimate spaces... is key to achieving a feeling of well-being in something as personal as a home. For all kinds of styles, Dafne is positioned as an option to discover: circular mirror with a methacrylate edge; simple...

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EBIR: Innovation, versatility and confidence

9 May, 2023

We all deserve to live in spaces where light is an element that provides warmth and well-being and floods every room with personality. That is why at EBIR the core focus of our work is to discover and use the...

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Cora: simplicity is synonymous with elegance

23 March, 2023

The bathroom has long been considered a space of well-being and in 2023 this concept will be reaffirmed. The key to this is to choose simple and natural designs that are at the same time elegant and distinguished, so as...

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Tiana: an integrated, decorative and differentiating luminaires for your bathroom ensemble

17 February, 2023

Impersonal and merely functional bathrooms are long gone and increasingly more square meters are being devoted to this room in our homes in an attempt to create a space with its own personality. The trend is simplicity of form, harmony...

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Sustainable EBIR Plan

12 January, 2023

On 14 December we received our diploma at the headquarters of the Chamber of Valencia, after having participated in the SDG-SME Action Plan along with 24 other companies from various sectors in the province of Valencia. This is a plan...

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Samsung LED EBIR

The guarantee of using the best LEDs on the market: Samsung LEDs

9 December, 2022

At EBIR we are much more than mirrors with lighting. Each of our products integrates added values that enrich the user experience and we strive daily to improve our technology with the aim of increasing light quality and making it...

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EBIR attracts attention in SICAM by showing off its latest designs

24 October, 2022

From 18 to 21 October, we have once again been present at SICAM, the international trade fair for components, product technology and accessories for the furniture industry, which in this edition has managed to bring together more than 600 brands....

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We will be seeing each other again at SICAM to show off our latest creations

4 August, 2022

  From 18 to 21 October, at EBIR we will once again be present at a new edition of SICAM, the international trade fair for components, product technology and accessories for the furniture industry, which will be held in Pordenone...

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