Tiana Luminaire: a distinguishing touch to your bathroom as a whole

28 June, 2024 -

Impersonal and merely functional bathrooms are long gone and increasingly more square meters are being devoted to this room in our homes in an attempt to create a space with its own personality.

The trend is simplicity of form, harmony of visual elements and visual sensation of space, focussing on integrating luminaries with mirrors.

And following this trend is the Tiana luminaire, which is fully integrated into the mirror giving a decorative and differentiating touch.

Its measures allow you to create your own illuminated mirror with Tiana. In addition, it features uniform light with a user-oriented angle and multiple installation configurations. The luminaire, made of extruded polycarbonate, is clamped to the glass and you can combine it by adding one on top or two on the sides.

Create your own illuminated mirror with Tiana’s different measurements.