Modula, the vertical warehouse with which we have optimised and automated our logistics

27 February, 2024 -

At EBIR, we make progress every day towards automated processes and systems that allow us to optimise the company’s logistics.

It is with this premise in mind that we have implemented Modula, a vertical warehouse that combines the ease of storage and order preparation, with results in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Modula is innovation, digitalisation and automation designed to maximise the use of space in our warehouses by taking advantage of height to save space. An installation that allows us to achieve more order, cleanliness, security and significant time savings since the merchandise is transferred directly.

Thanks to simple and intuitive visual aids, picking errors are drastically reduced and component movements are made easier. In short, a great advancement that has significantly improved our storage capacity and the efficiency of our internal logistics processes, which translates into savings in time, effort and energy allowing us to reduce the environmental and economic impact, with positive effects on the well-being of workers.