Thank you for visiting us at SICAM 2021

22 October, 2021 -

Following the recent holding of SICAM 2021, all of us at EBIR Bathroom Lighting team would like to thank all of you who visited our stand for your interest. Without a doubt, seeing each other again in person was very important for everyone.  

SICAM was a meeting point with clients, collaborators, friends and also with new contacts, from whom we have received very positive feedback.

In particular, our new models of LED mirrors, such as the DAFNE and ABRIL, which stand out thanks to their light propagation, as well as the new GLOW SERIES, have attracted a great deal of interest. Also attracting a great deal of attention were our mirrors with metal profiles and screen-printed decoration with matt finishes in various colours, such as the ZOE, CAROL, ELSA or SHARON. We continue to act as a benchmark for luminaries, with designs that have been very popular, such as the versatile Scarlett, a reinvented classic that has made an impact with its functional and highly decorative design.

Happy to have been able to see each other again.