Repairable Mirrors: the Key to Responsible Design

25 July, 2023 -

In the 21st century, sustainability is one of the guiding lights for production and trade. The use of sustainable materials is therefore always a plus, but there are other ways of promoting a market with an environmentally-friendly conscience: addressing the entire chain of production and responsibility, which encompasses the company infrastructure, design, and relations with suppliers and partners.

In two words: responsible design.
At EBIR, responsible design has led us to create repairable mirrors by using parts that can be replaced. Elements such as some lighting systems, the drivers or the sensor boxes are already being developed in such a way that they can be replaced in the event of failure.
With this innovative initiative, all agents involved in the production, sales and procurement processes can actively contribute to reduce material waste and CO2 emissions. Repairability has therefore become key in promoting more sustainable trade within the framework of responsible design.