LED, all benefits

10 May, 2014 -



ENERGY SAVING – LED technology using our fixtures consume up to 85 % less compared with traditional lighting systems , which facilitates economic savings.

LONG LIFE – Our LED modules have a duration of up to 45,000 hours ( which is a life of over 30 years with an average use of 3 hours per day ). So you will not worry about maintenance or replacement.

QUALITY OF LIGHT – Allows you to enjoy an optimal light and brings real colors, which enhances your bathroom space ambient.

LOW TEMPERATURE – Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs do not give off heat and do not burn to the touch , avoiding energy waste and allowing use in small and delicate places where the heat produced can be harmful. This also results in refrigeration savings .

RAPID IGNITION – LED technology assumes its maximum brightness immediately.

SILENT LIGHTING – By not requiring current transformer, which is really what emitted the noise.

EXCELLENT WEATHERABILITY – Resists extreme temperatures , and greater moisture and vibration than traditional systems.

NO NEED FOR BULB REPLACEMENT – The long life of LED products and their resistance to a huge number of “on and off” produce that no maintenance is required over a long period of time.

FREE OF HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES – LED is considered the 21st century green lighting because, unlike traditional lighting , contain no toxic products such as tungsten , mercury or lead. Our LED comply with the European RoHS regulations and are recyclable.