EBIR collaborates with “AldeasInfantiles SOS”

10 May, 2014 -

” EBIR Lighting , true to its commitment to solidarity work, has collaborated with “AldeasInfantiles SOS”by making a donation to its aid program for children.

“AldeasInfantiles SO”S is a non -profit organization that focuses its efforts on improving the living conditions and development opportunities for children and young people without parental care or living a difficult family situation .

Its mission is to enhance its full development in a caring family environment, either within their biological family or in an SOS family, so that they become self-sufficient, valuable and well integrated into society, people with the same opportunities , rights and obligations as other children and youth.

Today this organization is concerned with more than 14,600 children in Spain , Latin America and Africa.

EBIR Lighting calls its workers , customers and suppliers to actively participate in this work.

More information at: www.aldeasinfantiles.es