Working with us

We constantly question our entire approach in order to improve how we work, how we think and what we do.


In this department, we take care to ensure optimum control and management of financial and organisational resources, using our strategic plan as a basis. We apply a management model designed to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of our information systems and processes. This model, which is our main organisational and internal management tool, establishes the working procedures and information channels that allow us to reach decisions, plot our course and, above all, add substance to our organisational structure.


The purpose of this department is to create and maintain a team that is effective, efficient, motivated and committed to achieving the goals of the strategic plan. It deals with recruitment and staff training, while listening to employees' concerns and attempting to address the corresponding issues and needs - both inside and outside the organisation. Our work here consists of attracting, developing and motivating employees on the basis of an emotionally intelligent approach to management.
As we are convinced that our employees are our most important asset, we involve staff in decision-making, while offering flexible hours and a series of initiatives designed to improve the working environment.


Our Sales and Marketing Department bears the responsibility of researching, developing and implementing the measures needed to achieve our business objectives, by defining and implementing our marketing plan. It also guarantees EBIR's sales in accordance with the strategic plan.
The main mission of the sales team is to access markets and win customers with an interest in optimum competitiveness and product quality, while offering them advice regarding the right decisions to make and ensuring that they receive what they want and need, along with - above all - top customer service to match.


This department is responsible for ensuring that the EBIR Group hits the target in terms of proper service, timely delivery and top quality. It is responsible for the optimised warehousing and distribution of our products.
It manages highly valuable resources and makes long-term decisions that suppose great risk, but also promising challenges, for our organisation. The ultimate goal of our operational strategy is to create a competitive advantage that clearly differentiates our company from other firms in the sector, with an agile approach to service that matches our acquired commitments.

R&D+i Department

The work of our Department of Research, Development and Innovation involves efforts to create products that meet the exacting lighting demands of day-to-day personal care and grooming in the bathroom. We start at the design stage, by seeking to offer functional solutions which respond to the latest aesthetic and technological trends, while taking key environmental factors into account.


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