Body Intelligence

16 December, 2013 -

EBIR Bathroom Lighting expands its program “Wellness and Development”

to promote the improvement of its team.


We like people and because of that reason our HR policy is to get an emotionally intelligent organization.

Our team is our most important asset, therefore we involve our team in decision –making, we have flexible timetable and we promote different kind of activities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our staff.

Within our Program “Wellness and Development” there are some activities to promote the balance between body and mind, in particular the new session of Body Intelligence, which has been very well received..

Body Intelligence´s sessions are led by Concha Kopetz, partner of the enterprise DESAROLLA. This organization, founded by Eva Velasco, consists of Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, Psychologists, Educators … whose main goal is the development of people and organizations throughout the emotional intelligence.



With a Bachelor of Physical Education, Kopetz is a professional with over 20 years experience specialized in back problems, motion control and postural correction.

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The Body Intelligence is a discipline that helps our team to be aware of their body and encourages them to improve different aspects such as postural adjustment, motion control, bodily intelligence (natural and effective patterns of movement), muscle conditioning (strength and muscle elasticity) and breath control, improving their wellbeing in the workplace.