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EBIR attracts attention in SICAM by showing off its latest designs

24 October, 2022

From 18 to 21 October, we have once again been present at SICAM, the international trade fair for components, product technology and accessories for the furniture industry, which in this edition has managed to bring together more than 600 brands....

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We will be seeing each other again at SICAM to show off our latest creations

4 August, 2022

  From 18 to 21 October, at EBIR we will once again be present at a new edition of SICAM, the international trade fair for components, product technology and accessories for the furniture industry, which will be held in Pordenone...

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Embalaje ECO EBIR

Our packaging is now more ecological, more efficient. BETTER

21 June, 2022

As a further step in our commitment to sustainability, during this financial year we are going to progressively introduce a new packaging in all our mirrors that reduces the environmental impact and also optimises logistics. This new ECO packaging represents...

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We are expanding the Catalogue to accommodate our latest news

25 May, 2022

With the aim of always walking alongside new trends in the sector, at EBIR we have expanded our Catalogue to be able to offer our latest news. News in which mirrors with materials with high light diffusion and screen-printed edges...

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Betting on innovation is betting on the future

13 May, 2022

EBIR is very pleased to collaborate with the PERFORM-AI project, which contributes to promoting entrepreneurship in the European Union for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in companies. Today, there is no longer any doubt that AI has become an area...

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Scarlett: Serenity At Its Most Personal

28 December, 2021

The year 2022 is beginning and in the bathroom decoration sector the trends for this new year are very clear: personality and the pursuit of serene atmospheres. Every day the idea of turning the bathroom not only into a space...

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espejo EDEL

EDEL: Timelessness and Sustainability

13 December, 2021

  The EDEL mirror is a genuine top seller. Its success has been driven by both its timelessness and its competitiveness. EDEL is a simple, functional and sustainable mirror with a versatile design which can be adapted to any environment....

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Thank you for visiting us at SICAM 2021

22 October, 2021

Following the recent holding of SICAM 2021, all of us at EBIR Bathroom Lighting team would like to thank all of you who visited our stand for your interest. Without a doubt, seeing each other again in person was very...

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