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Maximise the full potential of our products with the ‘User Center’ information platform

22 April, 2024

  On our website we have opened a window focused on the user: ‘User Center’. It is an information platform made up of documents and tutorials designed to get the most out of our products and answer all the questions...

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SALMA: the union of design and functionality in a black frame adaptable to a variety of styles

27 March, 2024

The classical and timeless pieces that incorporate details with great aesthetic attractiveness that never go out of style. And this is what we find in one of the novelties of the EBIR catalogue: the Salma collection, a model that transforms...

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Modula, the vertical warehouse with which we have optimised and automated our logistics

27 February, 2024

At EBIR, we make progress every day towards automated processes and systems that allow us to optimise the company’s logistics. It is with this premise in mind that we have implemented Modula, a vertical warehouse that combines the ease of...

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Training Program, a tool designed to train specialised professionals further at points of sale

6 February, 2024

Knowing that there is no better sales tool than knowledge and specialisation, EBIR provides its clients with a programme designed to train specialised professionals further at points of sale. Through the Training Program, a EBIR product specialist will share with...

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Glow Plus Strip – functionality and quality for every project

14 December, 2023

At EBIR we grow, through constant and firm work in innovation, to bring the latest trends in lighting to any space. The result of this work is the Glow Plus strip, the new component that represents renewed conventional LED strips...

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Línea automática EBIR

We are once again participating in Scale UP 2023

6 October, 2023

This year we are once again participating in Scale Up 2023, with the aim of providing our experience and knowledge to the technological Start Ups that are part of the sixth edition of this European acceleration programme coordinated by IVACE...

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Qlick Install: install your mirror easily, quickly and safely

19 September, 2023

Innovation and research. Both are a constant in all areas of EBIR. An example of this is Qlick Install, the system with which we install our mirror in an easier and safer way. This system, which consists of a design...

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Scarlett Square: the luminaire that will transform the style of your bathroom

11 August, 2023

When it comes to designing a bathroom, we have be mindful of several decorative elements if we want to create a space that exudes soul and essence. We never tire of remembering that it is through these subtlest of details...

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